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Voice. Story. Branding.

Here are some startling statistics: every second, 400,000 searches are performed on Google, which adds up to 3.5 billion per day. About 81% of people only skim online content, and people form a first impression in only 50 milliseconds. That makes it more than challenging for you to get your message out.

This is why I stress the importance of finding the right voice and the right story for your business. Because the right voice and narrative will speak to your dream prospects and convert them into dream clients. Your business voice, once established, will help tell the story of your company, distinguish you from your competition, and reinforce your branding. Your business voice is an essential tool for creating a compelling narrative for all your business communications. And that narrative is key to standing out in the online informational overload era we currently live in. Storytelling, as any branding or marketing expert will tell you, is key to grabbing the attention of your audience and drawing them in, showing them how you understand their pain points and that you’re passionate about helping them.

You may find the Charmin Bears cute or annoying (like me), but they’re characters telling the Charmin story, and their success is undeniable. Charmin was the third best selling brand of toilet tissue in the U.S. in 2017, with about $1.09 Billion in sales. (Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/188710/top-toilet-tissue-brands-in-the-united-states). That’s some seriously successful brand storytelling.

You don’t necessarily have to use animated critters to craft successful campaigns – not every product or service would deem that method appropriate for their brand. Again, it goes back to what the right voice and story for your business is. If you’re currently struggling with your campaigns, check out my free guide to Effective Business Storytelling: https://storytellingcontent.lpages.co/storytellingcontentfreeguide/. Thanks for reading.


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